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Brenton Blue was conceived by Will and Clare in 2013.

With many years’ experience in branded communications (from both agency and client sides of the fence) we strive to produce work that helps our clients understand, communicate and build their brand, enabling them to realise their business ambition.

Although we are based in a picturesque village in Sussex, most of our work is in the capital. We adhere to the high standards in creative output that our clients demand, but without the London overheads. We use external partners to expand out team as a project dictates or when specialist skills are required, so you only pay for the services you ask for and the personnel we need to do our job well.

We value collaboration, entrepreneurialism and bonhomie and work best when we find other people who share these beliefs.

If you’re interested, Orachrysops Niobe or the Brenton Blue is a variety of butterfly. Beauty and transformation: two of the things we consider to be intrinsic to our work.