Benson’s Eccentric cider:
An effervescent new product to shake up the Cider market.


Bensons is a family-owned and run producer of fruit juices and related products. When they won the contract to supply a cider product nationally to Nando’s, they turned to us to help create the brand. The cider is made from apples grown within 50 miles of the press, and the client were keen to emphasise the product’s local, English provenance. They also knew that for it to be successful it should appeal to the target audience of students and millennials.


It was important that this brand painted a picture of English apples to the core but didn’t take itself too seriously. Our solution was to invoke the world of the eccentric – as quintessentially English as Screaming Lord Sutch and singing in the rain at Wimbledon.

We created a totemic fictional character: an English gent, and his menagerie (human and otherwise) to feature on each pack design, and a verbal identity infused with oddities.


Following a test launch, Benson’s Eccentric Cider found its target audience quickly and effectively and within six months had outstripped projected sales by 400%.

The success of the product has contiued into a further three flavours and a 330ml version sold in cans.

Brenton Blue gave us much more than a label design which is what we first asked them to produce, they invited us into a world of quirky wit that resonated with our target audience more quickly and effectively than we ever imagined.

Alexia Benson, Benson’s MD