Benson’s Joosed Fruity Water: Refreshing


Among Benson’s core products (pun intended) is a range of juicy waters that are delicious and made more all natural ingredients.

The products were designed at different times, to suit different markets and there was an unsurprising lack of cohesion and no strong brand story running through the range.

When they approached Brenton Blue, they needed to re-focus the offer and make sure the audiences for each product were targeted precisely.


Joosed is Benson’s biggest selling juice product. Marketed to younger kids, it’s one of the few genuinely natural juicy water products in a field awash with synthetic, sugary choices. The new branding has brought the product into the Benson’s family, while clarifying its health credentials.


Joosed Fruity Water had experienced a 23% spike in sales. As part of the company’s position on sustainability, plastic bottles are being eradicated to be replaced by cans which is likely to see another increase in sales.