The Brighton Bathroom Company:
Instagram-friendly bathrooms and kitchens for a design-savvy audience.

The Brighton Bathroom Company had been designing and delivering market-leading bathrooms since 2010. When they approached us they had two problems: firstly they wanted their brand identity to match the quality and design-savvy approach of their product, and secondly to allow them to launch their sister company the Brighton Kitchen Company, while retaining the customer-base they had worked hard to achieve.

We created a brand that was driven by a challenge to the attitudes of a conservative sector and a distain for convention that Brighton embodies.

Using the monochrome palette of a curator brand; a tessalating tile graphic; and a disruptive verbal identity the brand is uniquely challenging yet sophisticated.

Since rebranding, The Brighton Bathroom Co has achieved a 20% surge in enquiries and The Brighton Kitchen Co has uccessfully launched, exceding expectations by trading above it’s forecasted target.