European Society for Biomaterials:
A case for support presented to the heads of the EU.


The ESB is a scientific organisation that champions and recognises developments in a very specialised field of medical research. Their work breaks ground and sets agendas for the future of global medicine but involves ideas that are complex and difficult to communicate to most people.

Their 2017 Report was a case in point: a crucial document that needed European politicians of every persuasion to grasp the ideas it held and understand their importance. The only problem was that it had never been designed before.


To create a document that balances gravitas with accessibility, while working with an editorial structure that makes sense to scientists (but few others) was our challenge. We chose to create diagrams and schematic illustrations and a tight typographic style. The narrative was packaged into short chapters that were divided to allow easy distribution.


The report was launched in Athens in September 2017, and presented to the European Commission shortly after. On the back of this document, the society has received an uprecedented level of funding.

A beautiful rendition of biomaterial interacting with living tissue, and a design that deeply represents the spirit of the ESB community.

Professor Matteo Santin
ESB President 2013 – 2017