House of Cuckoo:
Premium baking products with additional stealth health.

A range of indulgent, premium baking products, made with fruit and vegetables. Sounds impossible? This was the proposition that House of Cuckoo came to us prior to launch in Waitrose.

With a target audience of fashion-conscious mums in mind, we created a brand identity that was sophisticated and bold based around the cuckoo’s feather. Zesty colours give the brand massive shelf appeal compared to the pastel or earthy tones of the competitor set, and the brand line ‘The Quirky Kitchen’ introduced a decidedly leftfield tone of voice..

Result –

House of Cuckoo has expanded from it’s original test-bed of a select number of Waitrose stores to nation-wide coverage, and have expanded into a range of related products.

Brenton Blue are great at listening. Then taking what they have heard and creating design pieces and brand images that hit the nail on the head. Brenton Blue aren’t scared of working outside the invisible ‘Comfort Zone’ (which is just as well for us!). Their fluid approach has helped us create and continue to build, a strong brand which upholds the quirkiness and elegance of what we’re about. Brenton Blue offer a professional end to end service and we can not recommend them highly enough.

Chieko Clark, MD House of Cuckoo