Maison Clement:
Parisienne sophistication for pastoral England.

Maison Clement is a brand dreamt up by a Paris-trained master baker whose wish was to serve quality artisinal breads, patisserie and lunch to discerning customers. With an emphasis on ingredient quality, authentic recipes and (most importantly) high baking standards, the brand was devised up to deliver a Parisienne experience in provincial English market towns.

Our supposition was that the balance between authenticity and accessibility should be finely managed. A visual identity that referred to French rustic baking and café culture, and a simple brand line (Boulanger, Patisserie, Déjeuner) allowed us to evoke an authentic experience, while communicating the food offer.

Language was also critical to our solution: we advised that speaking in French would reinforce the brand’s genuine credentials and act as a filter for those after a more ‘high street’ alternative.

Maison Clement bakeries launched in Cambridge in 2017 and a second was opened two years later.

As well as the fine food and hand-roasted coffee, Maison Clement felt strongly that their brand should be woven into the fabric of the community and their baking workshops are an important part of the overall experience.