Nature’s Harvest

Giving a Royal warranted pet food brand a reinvigorated identity to match its best of breed credentials.

Nature’s Harvest, a member of the Judge’s Choice family of brands is a premium, wet dogfood whose brand identity and packaging had been gradually getting past its sell-by date. The design was confusing, unmemorable and unappealing.

With a number of health and provenance benefits the client wanted Nature’s Harvest to take its place alongside other high end brands at the top table.

In order to appeal to their discerning customers, we made the royal warrant the focus of the brand. By embedding it into the logo, using a subdued palette, emotive animal portraits, and a rational approach to layout and design, we created a beautiful and aspirational set of pack designs.

Electing to use only the UK’s most popular dogs as subjects, we created a suite of photographs that were candid and authentic while remaining proud and aspirational.

Our research showed that customers demand to understand the sustainability and provenance of a dog food, so we created a set of icons to illustrate this, and provided a packaging solution that was 100% recyclable.

“Although it was obvious we needed our two lines of dog food to look better, Brenton Blue went further and clarified various problems we had encountered over many years. They worked on the brand architecture and planned and executed a whole new information system on pack to make it easier for customers to quickly see which product to purchase. I think their strength lies in being able to look holistically at a brand, identifying inconsistencies and disconnects which have been holding it back, then transform this into a simple and elegant solution … which adds a huge amount of value to our business, not just aesthetically, but also financially. The re-brand is great work. Thank you so much!”

Chieko Chester, CEO Judge’s Choice