Tizzane Herbal Infusions

Tizzane is an high end artisanal brand that we helped develop from scratch. Herbal infusions are increasing in popularity especially with milennials, Tizzane was positioned as offering an alternative to coffee.

Our task for Tizzane was to create a brand that represented a new way to hydrate using the French tradition of herbal infusions with a modern sensibility.

We created a restrained yet vibrant identity that told the story of each flavour through a series of hand-made abstract paintings and had the added caché of limited edition collectable ceramic tea caddies.

This generation are looking for organic, non GMO, low calorie, high flavour in their drink of choice.

75% of the target audience would boycott a brand that went against their values, and 54% say they are willing to spend an extra 10% or more on sustainable products. Our packaging design reflects these modern priorities.

The flavours are based on the restorative and invigorating powers of herbs and plants and sold in artisanal earthenware pots (a work of art in themselves) to encourage recycling.